Strategic Advisory
Sapphire’s breadth of operational experience helps in offering unique solutions to clients with a problem-solving perspective. We provide realistic in-depth assessments, evaluate competitive positioning, uncover pitfalls and opportunities, identify synergies, and help our clients to identify, understand, prioritize, and act on all issues encompassing business, strategic and financial issues most vital to their long-term success.

Sapphire’s strategic consulting assignments typically involve business and financial issues most critical to the long-term competitiveness of the clients.

A list of specialist advisory services that Sapphire offers is as below:
  • Pre-Investment Review
  • Project Conceptualization and Feasibility Studies
  • Advise on Financing Options - Sources, Cost & Risk
  • Financial Analysis & Modeling - Scenario Analysis
  • Project Evaluation
  • Transaction based Tax structuring and advice
Practice Areas
» Buy/Sell Side Advisory
» Private Equity Placement/Advisory
» Structured Finance
» Strategic Advisory
» Valuation

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